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Lasers can provide high-speed cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. The low-maintenance, easily automated process can be used to remove oil and grease, strip paint and coatings, to modify surface texture, for example adding roughness to increase adhesion.

  • No abrasive materials are used, with no problems of contaminant separation and disposal

  • No solvents are used - chemical-free and environmentally friendly process

  • Spatially selective – cleaning only the area required, saving time and costs by ignoring regions that don’t matter

  • Non-contact process never degrades in quality

  • Cleaning process that can lower operating costs by eliminating labor while giving greater consistency in results


The laser cleaning method is used successfully in heavy industry, oil and gas industry, food industry, process industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, engineering industry, textile industry, chemical industry, as well as in the renovation and restoration of cultural heritage, such as historic buildings, sculptures, tombs and monuments in architecture, sculpture, sculpture. and technology.
Laser cleaning provides greater levels of control than are available for any competing process. The highly focusable and steerable laser beam can be directed precisely as desired, while sensitive and repeatable power settings deliver only the amount of energy that is called for. The laser beam does not interfere with the material, it selectively removes only the exposed impurities. Thanks to this, it can be used on the most delicate surfaces, without causing surface deformation or material loss.



Sometimes the article consists of materials of different types and the application of methods used so far becomes problematic, because the different specificity of each material requires the use of a different preservation technique.
The laser removes up to 98% of surface impurities, ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness of all available methods. No use of abrasives allows cleaning the elements without dissasembling them and without the possibility of abrasive getting into the moving parts of machines.





Selective removal of single layers from a surface. If the surface of the object is covered with several layers of coating, we can (by setting the so-called laser ablation threshold) successively reveal subsequent repainting.
The advanced control system provides a wide range of beam modifications, thanks to which we can selectively remove even particular layers of coatings without affecting the others. Depending on the requirements, we are able to control the thickness of the removal.


Laser eliminates the formation of harmful substances completely, thus limiting their destructive effect on the cleaned object. In addition, the laser method is clean and dust-free, which makes it possible to use it in virtually all conditions.
Laser cleaning is a non-contact process that removes only the unwanted materials, with no abrasives or secondary components involved. The only used medium is electricity, and the impurities that evaporate are absorbed by the extraction system with a filter, thanks to which the process meets the highest enviromental standards.