BlueStream Laser

Thank you for your interest and time devoted to familiarizing yourself with laser cleaning technology and our company's offer. We have a wide range of industrial pulsed medium and high power lasers.
Our engineers provide after-sales services for individuals, small, medium and large companies as well as international corporations. We can perform coating removal operations faster and more accurately with Hulk lasers. We ensure that our devices are reliable, effective and produce less waste.
We provide service support throughout the life of our products. Our products are based on the experience of companies providing laser cleaning services, which is why we create machines that meet customer requirements 100% and are distinguished by practical design solutions.
We are experts in providing production solutions.

Laser Cleaning Machine

Lasers for removing rust, paint, stone cleaning

HULK 500

Laser power 500W

  • Maximum pulse energy 100mJ

  • Frequency from 2 kHz to 50 kHz

  • Pulse duration from 25ns to 100ns

  • Fiber length 10m-50m

  • Compact and highly mobile laser

  • Weight 120 kg

  • Voltage 230 V

  • Source life over 100 000h

  • Liquid cooling

  • Laser class 4

Lasers for removing rust, paint, stone cleaning

Lasers for cleaning fine metal, polishing, unfolding / unfolding of surfaces