-Rehabilitering av d


We have experts in the rehabilitation of ventilation units and ducts, which extend the life of the system and reduce the need for maintenance:

  • Removal of rust, lime, salt, oxidizing coatings
  • Replacement of damaged plumbing
  • Rust treatment and rehabilitation of relevant areas

We perform service and maintenance on ventilation systems for balanced ventilation. All ventilation systems need regular duct cleaning and should have their regular supervision.
The purpose of duct cleaning, cleaning and maintenance is to ensure the best possible indoor environment by the ventilation system works as efficiently as possible and provides good air exchange in all rooms. Dust, grease and dirt are removed and this also reduces the risk of spreading in case of fire.

Benefits of regular duct cleaning:

  • Significantly better indoor climate
  • Clean air ducts increase the utilization rate
  • Increased utilization rate gives better effect and lower energy consumption
  • Higher fire safety