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Laser course

Laser cleaning is the phenomenon of precise coating removal by irradiating it with a laser beam. As a result of contact with the surface of matter, energy is exchanged. Then there is selective evaporation of different types of layers. Laser ablation acts on the surface of an object and removes material from that surface with an absolute minimum of interference. The level can be easily changed and adjusted depending on the material, the intensity of the laser beam, the pulse length and the wavelength of the laser used.
Courses are held every 3 months



Laser cleaning has enormous benefits that give the presented method an advantage over other, traditional methods for cleaning and preparing various surfaces.

The method is environmentally friendly, safe and gentle on the surface. No chemical cleaners or consumables are required, which saves both time and money and ensures efficient cleaning as well.



Preservation of cultural heritage is often linked to art collections and museums and involves collection care and management through tracking, research, documentation, exhibition, storage, preventive preservation and restoration. The scope has expanded from art preservation, which involves the protection and care of works of art and architecture, to the preservation of cultural heritage, including the protection and care of a wide range of other cultural and historical works. Preservation of cultural heritage can be described as a type of ethical management.
Preservation of cultural heritage applies to simple ethical guidelines:

  • Minimal intervention
  • Suitable materials and reversible methods
  • Full documentation of all work performed

Often there are compromises between preserving the look, maintaining the original design and material properties. In order for conservators to decide on an appropriate conservation strategy and apply their professional expertise accordingly, they must take into account the views of the stakeholder, the values, the artist's intention, the importance of the work, and the physical needs of the material.


Offshore/ Maritime

BlueStream Laser Scandinavia offers services within surface treatment, corrosion protection and rehabilitation to large and small customers within the maritime and offshore industry.
We have participated in a number of offshore projects from the 2000s. And should you have doubts about whether we are the right people to carry out work for you? Ask us for references.
We work with partners who are just as dedicated and who want to deliver the same technology and quality as us at
BlueStream Laser Scandinavia AS.

-Rehabilitering av d


We have experts in the rehabilitation of ventilation units and ducts, which extend the life of the system and reduce the need for maintenance:

  • Removal of rust, lime, salt, oxidizing coatings
  • Replacement of damaged plumbing
  • Rust treatment and rehabilitation of relevant areas

We perform service and maintenance on ventilation systems for balanced ventilation. All ventilation systems need regular duct cleaning and should have their regular supervision.
The purpose of duct cleaning, cleaning and maintenance is to ensure the best possible indoor environment by the ventilation system works as efficiently as possible and provides good air exchange in all rooms. Dust, grease and dirt are removed and this also reduces the risk of spreading in case of fire.

Benefits of regular duct cleaning:

  • Significantly better indoor climate
  • Clean air ducts increase the utilization rate
  • Increased utilization rate gives better effect and lower energy consumption
  • Higher fire safety


The European Institute of Public Health's concern is first and foremost related to the poor maintenance and building standards that seem to occur in a number of schools and kindergartens.
Mold does not look good and is also a potential source of health problems. Lack of maintenance of public buildings is poor management of public funds, and leads to children, students and employees getting unworthy working conditions.
However, one should be aware that respiratory symptoms are common in the population. Therefore, even a moderately increased risk of this type of symptom in damp houses can lead to ailments for a large number of people. Taking moisture problems seriously and remedying them as quickly as possible will therefore be able to provide a relatively large health benefit.



With our long experience in fire damages, we have specialized equipment and lasers to get rid of the problems with soot and odors that occur after a fire.
Fire damages can be so many, everything from a totally damaged house to a fire in an electrical outlet, regardless of the type of damage, we will be able to help save values where possible. It is very important to get started quickly with the remediation work as this can lead to significant savings.

  • Laser cleaning of burnt surface
  • Cleaning of ventilation
  • We can clean and repair the fire damaged surface and bring it back to the original standard.